Continuing the tradition of excellence in Waltham bicycling ventures dating back to the late 19th century, Watch City Bike Lab is a community bicycle workshop operating at the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation.

We at the Museum are very excited to have this "group of friends from in and around Waltham who like bikes, like people, and want to help people learn to work on their own bikes."

The encourage you to visit them at the Museum and they'll "give you free advice on whatever ails your bike and show you how to fix it. [They} can do repairs that don't require disposable parts (e.g. new brake pads or chains). For other repairs [they] can tell you what you need, and if you bring [them] the new parts, [they] can show you how to install them."

NEXT UP FOR THE WATCH CITY BIKE LAB; A special 4-day residency in the Museum — Thursday-Sunday, February 23-26 — offering the following:

  • Hands-on:
    • Tire repair with tubes requiring patching, patches, and pump
    • Bicycle tune-up and repair using bike stands and tools
    • General adjustments and repair on bicycles brought in by visitors
  • On display:
    • The multi-use paths in Waltham:
      • Charles River Greenway, with maps, pictures, and destinations
      • Mass. Central Rail Trail, with maps, pictures, and destinations
    • Bicycle components poster - with discussion
    • Two bicycle stands with bicycles, one displaying Waltham Mayor Jeannette McCarthy's 1960s vintage bicycle restored by the Watch City Bike Lab, and the other a derailleur example
  • Hand-outs: Various flyers of interest to cyclists including trails and organizations in the area

Watch City Bike Lab will resume regular Sunday hours in the spring.

Learn more about the Watch City Bike Lab on their website and in the short interview below with two of the founders of Watch City Bike Lab that took place at the end of a busy Sunday running the Bike Lab right outside Museum's front door.

The Watch City Bike Lab are Dan Roberts, Haink Tu, Jennifer Melot, Leo Keightly, Martha Creedon, Nathan Weston, and Nicole Waxmonsky.