NOTE: the Museum has no private parking of our own.

Parking in the Francis Cabot Lowell Mill Lots will result in towing by the Mill Mgmt.

Your BEST parking option for a visit to the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation is the Cooper Street / Embassy Parking Facility, on the southern bank of the Charles River, accessible at the end of Cooper St., just off Pine Street, which is a cross street of Moody.


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Once you've parked in the Cooper Street lot or the adjacent Embassy Parking Garage, all you need do is take a short but thoroughly enjoyable, scenic walk on the Landry footbridge across the Charles River, turning to your right (to the East) after you've crossed, and you'll see the Museum entrance about 100 yards ahead. Enjoy your walk along the Charles! - Please note that the footbridge is clearly indicated on the map below, immediately above (north) of the Embassy Parking Facility.

Here is our another Visitor Map, showing a aerial view of the general area

Additional area parking is readily available, as indicated in the following map.

Additionally, you can see our proximity to the Waltham Center MBTA Fitchburg Line Commuter Rail stop, as well as a number of MBTA bus lines.