Accessibility at the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation

We recently made two significant accessibility improvements to the Museum.

Wheelchair Lift small.jpg

Arriving at our Visitors Entrance
Entry to the Museum at our Visitors Entrance was greatly improved in Summer 2018 with the installation of a wheelchair lift.* From this point, our entire Main Gallery and first floor exhibits and facilities are wheelchair accessible.

Our Second Level Mezzanine
Access to our Mezzanine, which features our Watch Gallery and Measurement exhibit, requires the assistance of a member of our staff. While not as independently visitor-friendly as we’d like, an exterior ramp allows access to that level via a very short trip though our Jackson Room function space, which connects to the Mezzanine.

A staff member is required to unlock and de-alarm the doors between these spaces.

Jackson Ramp small.jpg

Additional access information for those with very restricted mobility
Some visitors are unable to use the walkway leading to our Visitor Entrance.

There is a Service Entrance to the Museum which allows for direct vehicle drop-off at a Museum door in these instances. Direct wheelchair access to our Main Gallery is possible at this point, as is access to the exterior ramp to the Mezzanine/Jackson Room. If possible, please call ahead to let us know of your arrival 781-893-5410, so that we may be ready to assist you.

CLICK HERE for a map to our Service Entrance

Please note:
We have NO public parking, even at the Service Entrance, even for visitors with handicap plates or permits.

CLICK HERE for our parking recommendations

Our restrooms ARE accessible. 

* These vast improvements to our accessibility were made possible by a Community Preservation Act grant from the taxpayers of the City of Waltham.