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An Evening with Filmmaker Jonathan Boschen

An Evening with Filmmaker Jonathan Boschen

Jonathan will be screening two of his works about local landmarks: Waltham’s Music Hall Building and the Waltham Watch Factory. There will be a Q&A with Mr. Boschen to end the evening.


The Music Hall Building 
A ‘live documentary’ on the history of Waltham’s Music Hall Building that applies Boschen’s belief that Keynote/PowerPoint presentations should be treated as a form of video production. This show was first performed for the Waltham Rotary Club in 2012 to show the historical significance of the Music Hall building to the City of Waltham, and the importance of restoring its facade. That restoration took place in 2018.

Waltham’s Watch 
A twenty minute video that focuses on the golden age of the iconic Waltham Watch company. This documentary was Jonathan Boschen’s 2011 student film for the Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts, and was created as a flagship piece to demonstrate Boschen’s skills in the art of video production -- specifically interviewing, video editing, story telling, and graphic design. Not only did this video receive recognition from the Boston Globe and Student Filmmaker’s Magazine, it also landed Boschen his first job out of film school.

This event begins at 8:00pm; doors open 30 minutes prior. Tickets are FREE

Jonathan A. Boschen is an award-winning videographer who specializes in the production of educational videos, common interest documentaries, and event documentation videos. In 2011 he completed a digital filmmaking certificate program at the Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts that was located in Waltham MA. His final thesis project was a highly received history documentary on the Waltham Watch factory. In addition to video production Boschen is also very interested in the art of public speaking and creation of PowerPoint/Keynote presentations; he personally believes that presentation design should be treated as a form of video production. His favorite filmmakers include: Walt Disney, Jamison Handy, Frank Goldman, Jerry Fairbanks, Pete Smith, Max Fleischer, George Pal, Chuck Jones, and Ray Harryhausen.