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Performance begins at 8:00PM, doors open 30 minutes prior.

Goodnight Moonshine

Goodnight Moonshine 3.jpg

Goodnight Moonshine showcases the sophisticated funk and silky grit of Eben Pariser and Molly Venter (of Red Molly). The chemistry between this married musical couple plays out in songs that are both viscerally potent and minimally orchestrated. Both wholesome and irreverent, the duality inherent in their approach allows them to explore, and reconcile, emotional extremes through their work. Molly and Eben live life out loud, and the chemistry they share, on their albums and on stage, is open-hearted and utterly captivating.

If cathartic performances of songs marked by substance and grace is your thing, you’re going to love this duo.

A beer, wine, and non- alcoholic beverage cash bar will be available