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2nd Shift Concert: Peter Evans (solo trumpet)

Doors open at 7:30pm and the show begins at approximately 8:00pm

“With each new composition, trumpeter Evans seems to reach an even higher level, both in terms of virtuosity and imagination. He also pushes his music to levels which border on the fantastical—so accelerated are they with a flood of convoluted themes, so acrobatic in their near-impossible structures. “ –– Downbeat

His reputation among freethinking trumpet players is ironclad, a function of superhuman precision and a trailblazing technical vocabulary. –– The New York Times

We’re proud to welcome Peter Evans to the 2ndSHIFT Music Series. Evans’s astonishing technique, and unwavering commitment to breaking new ground, has established him as one of the leading jazz and improvisational musicians of his generation. His work has helped spark a resurgence of innovation and exploration among his peers, and offered listeners a fresh, adventurous perspective on where jazz may be headed. Evans’s contributions as composer, bandleader and collaborator have drawn acclaim from The New York Times, Downbeat, Rolling Stone and more.


Beverages are included in the ticket price, non-alcoholic for everyone, and beer & wine to those 21+.