Machine Shop Demonstration: Gear Cutting

Instructor:         Robert Reeve, Museum Volunteer and 4th Generation Machinist

Date:                  Saturday, November 14, 2015

Time:                  11:00am

Description:       Are you interested in learning how to make gears in your home workshop? Learn how to produce gears using common machinery and basic tooling. -  Robert will be demonstrating the “form-cutter” approach to gear production. This is the simplest form of gear production that is accessible to the basic machinist with non-specialized machinery. The demonstration will include indexing with a dividing head, calculation of gear blank dimensions, gear cutting theory, and some discussion of competing gear cutting methods and their contexts.

This demonstration is free (with paid Museum admission), but registration is required!


Form cutter with resultant gear tooth shape.

Form cutter with resultant gear tooth shape.