Please help us raise the 1:1 Cultural Facilities Fund Grant Match!

We need your support!

We have an opportunity to substantially improve the Museum - and we need your financial support to make it happen!

We are thrilled to have been selected for a Feasibility & Technical Assistance matching grant of $11,000 from the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund.

This grant will fund 50% of an architectural study of an expansion of the Museum’s Mezzanine so that it circumnavigates our entire Main Gallery, originally the Boston Manufacturing Company’s Boiler House. The goals of this expansion include:

(1)   evoking the look and feel of the boiler service catwalk that existed in the space originally – further enhancing the historic essence of the space;

(2)   providing a scenic perspective from indoors over the Charles River from the Boiler House – we’ll have new windows on that wall late this year!

(3)   installing a salvaged steam boiler of the original make and model, or a mock-up of that design, to illustrate the building’s historical use and purpose – significantly expanding the educational impact of our facility;

(4)   installing a lift from the Main Gallery floor to the Mezzanine for wheelchair and other access – ensuring accessibility to all;

(5)   creating more gallery space for new and expanded exhibits increasing our ability to showcase compelling artifacts.

It’s an exciting time as we pursue our mission of encouraging and inspiring future innovation by telling stories of the American Industrial Revolution, beginning with the Boston Manufacturing Company’s extraordinary, seminal contributions and impact.

In order to complete the $22,000 project, we are required to raise an additional $11,000 to match the $11,000 grant.

We’re asking you now to contribute to this match, and to support or mission. We will be very grateful to receive your financial gift of any amount to help us achieve this important goal.

Your contribution will help us take a big step toward authenticating the Museum’s look and feel, adding dramatic new gallery space, and better representing this vital chapter in the industrial history of Waltham and the United States of America. Any donations in excess of the required match will help support Museum operations and our mission to encourage and inspire future innovation.

Make an even stronger impact by asking your employer to match your gift. Contact us to discuss other opportunities to support the Museum and our growth.

On behalf of the Museum’s Trustees, Volunteers, and Staff – thank you very much!

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We're so grateful for your thoughtful generosity and support!