Historic Waltham Days - July 2016

An annual tradition for many years now, July has held a month-long celebration of Waltham's history and culture known as Historic Waltham Days.

Historic Waltham Days is a collaboration among the major cultural/historical landmark organizations: Gore Place, Stonehurst (the Paine Estate), The Waltham Museum, the National Archives, The Waltham Historical Society, and ourselves—the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation.

Each of these organizations is the custodian of crucial elements of Waltham's history and, accordingly, each gathers its own unique set of exhibits and events to spotlight people, places, and events in Waltham, past and present.

At the Charles River Museum we're excited to call your attention during Historic Waltham Days 2017 to the following four special things we have for you to enjoy (click on the embedded links for much more information on each):

We hope you'll join us for our events during Historic Waltham Days and that you'll participate in the special events hosted by our sister organizations, too!