Envisioning a river... of PEOPLE

One of the great challenges for this Museum since time immemorial is helping people to find the place! Well, the bike path along the Charles River from Boston all the way out to Nonantum is missing at least one crucial link that's being fabricated now - and it has us very excited!

A section I've taken to calling "The Boardwalk" is currently under construction right outside our front door. It will connect the portion of the bike path that stalls heading westbound from Watertown in "The Chemistry" neighborhood of Waltham on the south side of the Elm Street bridge over the Charles River to the the section that resumes at Moody Street on the north side of the Moody Street bridge over the Charles. 

This photo was taken today just past "quittin' time," looking west and up at our amazing, iconic smokestack. 

We're told "The Boardwalk" will be done and ready to open in about two months, perhaps sooner! - This is going to direct a river of people past our front door, most of whom, we suspect, will be learning where and what we are for the very first time. 

I think it's going to feel like a new dawn. We can't wait! :-)