A new beginning

Here at the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation we are beginning anew.

We are the new leadership team that took the reins of the Museum in late June 2015. In collaboration with our Board of Trustees, new Executive Director Bob Perry and new Curator and Associate Director Francesca Piper Koss, together with Event Manager Jill O'Shaughnessy, we are crafting a new vision and strategic plan for the modernization and future growth and sustainability of this important cultural institution. 

For the remainder of 2015 we are assessing the current state of affairs at the Museum and beginning the work of bringing all the Museum's stakeholders into alignment with our vision for the institution's future. We see the Charles River Museum representing American Industry and Innovation from the 19th Century through the 21st, representing and celebrating contributions made throughout the Charles River watershed area and the incredibly "fertile crescent" of "America's Technology Highway"—the Silicon Valley of the East—our legendary Route 128.

The Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation: We seek to tell the ongoing story of America's Industrial Revolution that began here, at the Boston Manufacturing Company.

We're very much looking forward to engaging with everyone who cares about Waltham, the Charles River watershed, Massachusetts' and American industrial history, education, the arts, and building community.

When you visit the Museum, please introduce yourself. We look forward to meeting you.

Bob Perry, Executive Director
Francesca Piper Koss, Curator and Associate Director